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Frequently Asked Denture Care Questions and Answers

When should I replace my dentures?

The average lifespan of dentures is 5 years. Wearing dentures that are over 10 years old can cause irreversible changes to your physiognomy. The longer you go without replacing your dentures, the more your appearance and comfort are affected.

What are the signs that it's time to replace my dentures?

Signs include: they no longer fit your gums properly, they are loose, they no longer cut food properly, they have yellowed or stained, they cause pain or discomfort, or they make your face look older. Your denturist is the most qualified to tell you when your dentures need replacing.

What is the difference between a denturist and a dentist?

A denturist manufactures dentures, partials and dentures over implants. He handles every step in the making of your custom dentures, from the first impression to the final adjustment. We have an onsite lab to make your custom dentures, therefore cutting out the middleman.

Do I still need an annual exam with dentures?

Your dentures and tissues should be checked once a year. By keeping your tissues healthy, your dentures will fit correctly, and early detection and treatment of inflammations is important in keeping bones and tissues from shrinking.

What are dentures over implants?

Implants are artificial roots that serve as anchors to which your denture is attached, providing the stability you need to make chewing easy and comfortable. It also helps with bone density.

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